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Speech therapy

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Speech therapy not only improves overall communication but also improves ability to form relationships and function in day to day life of children having autism, ADHD and social-communication disorder.

Our Speech Therapy program includes assessment or evaluation by a Speech therapist/ SLP’s. They assess the child’s communication strengths and challenges, thereby creating individual goals for therapy. Speech therapy goals include improving spoken language, articulation errors, learning non-verbal skills such as signs and gestures.

Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) - It is used for children using pictures or technology to communicate. Some of the methods used are-

  • Sign language
  • PECS (picture exchange communication system)
Social skills -

Speech therapists also works on building Social skills which includes group session during therapy for better social interaction .They work on coaching how to communicate differently in different settings which includes school, home, playground, social gatherings, communicating with family and friends and appropriate behavior at workplace .

Feeding skills –

Feeding and swallowing challenges are faced by children having autism. Speech therapists help evaluating the particular issue related to it and provide treatment accordingly.

Oro – motor skills-

They also works on children having low jaw stability or weak muscles of mouth, excessive drooling, incoordination between muscles of lips, cheek, tongue. Speech therapist provides oro- motor therapy according to needs of a child, and then accordingly may give exercise program for parents to practice at home. For ex: Blowing bubbles, candle, sucking from straw etc.